Inflatable Hot Tub Paradise

Outdoor Inflatable Hot Tub

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Your Own Inflatable Hot Tub Paradise

Owning an inflatable hot tub is something many of us have never really considered. We may dream about how wonderful and relaxing owning a jacuzzi hot tub would be but consider the possibility out of our reach due to the cost.

Many folks don’t realize that inflatable hot tubs are not only extremely affordable but offer the same kinds of benefits that you would find with an acrylic, permanent spa. Namely the therapeutic effect of sitting in a tub full of hot water while enjoying a powerful bubble jet massage.

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How Affordable is an Inflatable Hot Tub

Purchasing and installing an acrylic hot tub can be an expensive project. A new hot tub can easily cost you anywhere from $4,000 up to $15,000 of course depending on the brand and model you purchase. Building a pad, deck or other type of permanent location to install you spa and having the electrical and plumbing work done can run you another couple of thousand dollars.

Most of us just can afford to spend that kind of money on what is considered by most to be a luxury. Even if the benefits of owning a hot tub can be healing for us.

On the other hand, you can purchase an inflatable hot tub for as little as $400 and you will not have to spend money on installation or site preparation. That’s right, you won’t have to build a pad for your blow up hot tub and you won’t have to have extra wiring or plumbing installed.

These inflatable jacuzzi hot tubs plug in to a standard 110 volt outlet, use a garden hose to fill with water and a simple drain plug to empty the hot tub when needed. This is why they are often referred to as plug n play hot tubs, You simply plug them in and play (maybe a little more to it than that but you get the point).

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Portable Inflatable Hot Tubs

Although the low cost of of purchasing and setting up an inflatable hot tub is one of the most attractive selling points of these types of spas, this is not the only benefit. These soft sided hot tubs have the added benefit of being portable.

Portable inflatable hot tubs can easily be set up and taken down and only need access to a standard electrical outlet and water to fill the spa to be able to use it. Maybe you are planning a camping trip to a campground (with power) this summer or you have a family vacation home and would like to take along your new inflatable hot tub.

Better yet, maybe you decide that you would like to enjoy the relaxing bubble jet massage with your loved one but just don’t have the privacy you want when outside. No problem, just set up your blow up hot tub inside of your home. That’s right, you can use these spas indoors as well.

Cheapest Inflatable Hot Tubs for Sale

Where Can I Find Inflatable hot Tubs for Sale

Just about any local pool and spa retailer will carry inflatable hot tubs, additionally, most big box retailers such as Walmart and Home Depot will carry these spas. Of course you may be able to save some money making a purchase online.

If you will often find many more spas to choose from as well as lower prices when you shop online. Retailers like Ebay and Amazon both offer these blow up hot tubs for sell.

I also suggest that before you decide to purchase a new spa that you do your research and read some inflatable hot tub reviews to get a better idea of which brands and models are the best.

If you decide that you want to invest in an inflatable hot tub, do your research, compare prices, make your choice and then sit back and enjoy.


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