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Are Walmart Tents a Smart Value

Walmart carries a make of outdoor camping tent known as Ozark Trail. Ozark Trail is Walmart’s brand name for their entire range of outdoor camping accessories which include tents, chairs, sleeping bags and more camping targeted items.

Even though Walmart is know for their cheap purchase price, they aren’t usually well known for their superior products. Do Walmart’s make of camping tents offer you value and outstanding? That’s just what I wanted to reveal.

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The very first thing I did was to make a visit to Walmart’s online site and take a look at the various types of Ozark Trail tents that they had and take a look at what they had to offer. I was stunned to see that they offer a thorough range of camp tents, from two person dome tents to twelve person, 3 room cabin tents.

I checked out whatever reviews I could come across there to get and idea of what precisely shoppers had to say regarding this make of outdoor camping tents. Over all consumers reported good things having said that there looked like there was many people who had issues with their camping tent poles busting and replacement tent poles are not available for this brand name.

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After completing more research I was happy to determine that despite that Walmart and the manufacturing companies they use to produce their tents do not provide replacement tent poles, you can pick up universal or generic camping tent poles from most outdoor camping and sporting goods outlets not to mention on Amazon.

Later I performed a search on The search engines for Ozark Trail tents to learn the type of information I could learn. I found a superb online business which contains some key information on Walmart’s make of tents for instance where to purchase replacement tent poles and manuals. From what I eventually could gather a lot of people think that these tents to offer a solid value for the price.

Ozark Trail 10 x 9 Instant Cabin Tent 1.jpg

Despite the fact these are not a top-notch tent these are budget friendly and great for individuals solely doing some light camping. You could break a tent poles or experience a little water leakage however the reality is that this is not a problem that is only present in this brand of tents.

I wanted to check just what customers had to say regarding various other well known brands of camping tents for example Coleman and Northwest Territory tents (Kmart/Sears brand) so I did some research and realized that those two brands had nearly the same complications now and then. The only difference being that Coleman does indeed supply replacement parts and more effective support.

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Ozark Trail tents apparently offer value for the price range, if you happened to merely go camping two or three times every year and in fairly mild conditions then I feel you would be more than satisfied with a camping tent from Walmart.


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