Low Cost Contact Lenses Pose Dangers

Avoid Cheap Contact Lenses

Does cheaper colored contact lenses result loosing or damaging your vision?

In actuality all disposable lenses can definitely cause complications such as this unless you take good care of both the lenses as well as your eyes. But nevertheless, these days with all of the assorted Halloween style contact lenses along with non prescription colored contacts that is offered in the United States illegally there surely is legitimate cause for concern.

Are Cheap Colored Contacts Bad for Your Eyes.png

You may not realize it however it is not permitted for any contact lens retailer in the U.S. to distribute contact lenses without initially having an contact lens prescription, even contacts that do not adjust your eyes. It happens to be primarily due to safety. By regulating the businesses and requesting shops to require a prescription, you will be sure what is purchased is a dependable, superior lens.

The low-priced colored contact lenses you see at the flea market lack this safeguard. You may not know where they came from or who manufactured them and the simple fact is there are various black market lenses being made and purchased nowadays. I absolutely wouldn’t really want to take the chance with my eye sight.

Cheap Colored Contacts Eye Damage.jpg

You Could Purchase Cheap Contacts Outside the U.S.

Even though the U.S. does necessitate that retail stores operating within the States not distribute contact lenses without a prescription this doesn’t mean that you can’t buy them from stores in overseas which is certainly just what a number of people do. But nevertheless, unless you are doing business with a contact retailer that has a great reputation and is well known you might still be taking a chance that the bargain colored contacts you obtain could very well do irreversible damage to your vision.

You Need a Prescription For Cheap Contacts

One thing to keep in mind, a number of these new Halloween lenses, such as the Naruto contact lenses, can also be bought in vision correcting prescriptions. I am aware there is some limitations regarding the versions in the marketplace this way but you can find a really good selection of a brand called Gothika at some select Walmart stores.


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