5 Things to Know About Green Juice

Green Juice: What’s it All About

There is no doubt that juicing is something that has been popularized for awhile now due to the many different reported health benefits. What you may not be aware of is that green juice has become the new craze with many juicing followers.

Ironically enough, a recent survey showed that “28% of Americans think green juice is scary looking“. So why is becoming such a hit with those who juice or drink bottled cold pressed juice? The same survey showed that 9 out of 10 people felt that although eating produce is better for them, they find that drinking juice is more convenient for them.

This certainly explains why the cold pressed juice industry seems to be growing with no end in sight. But what is it about green juice that is making this particular color of juice so popular?

Health Benefits of Juicing - Green Juice

Here are 5 things about green juice that may shed some light on its popularity as well as alert you to several things to consider.

Green Juice: 5 Things You Might Not Know

It’s Delicious

Although it may not look the most appealing, many of the green juices that you can make or purchase are mixed with fruits such as apples or pears, this gives it a sweet and fruity taste while still giving you the nutrient packed greens.

Heavy in Carbs

Be careful using to much fruit when juicing green juice as all that fruit will make the carbs really add up. You need to be more careful with store bought juice as many brands use way more fruit juice then vegetable juice.

Not as Filling

Another hazard with green juice and in fact with juice in general is that it doesn’t make you feel as full, this could lead to additional eating just to feel full which would not be conducive to a diet plan.

More Colors than Just Green

Although the health and nutritional benefits of green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach are not in doubt, keeping your juice to just one color of vegetable leaves out many other nutritional benefits. Bright colored vegetables such as carrots or beets have a lot to offer and should be included as part of your nutritional plan.

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Eating Vegetables Can Be Much Cheaper

Juicing can be an expensive endeavor unless you happen to have your own very large garden or small farm. Buying your juice from the store ca be even more expensive. Although there are many health benefits to drinking your fruits and vegetables, eating them has a lot to offer as well and at a much lower cost.

Green Juice Isn’t Going Away

No matter how you feel about green juice or juicing in general the fact is that it is probably not going away any time soon. Living a healthy lifestyle is something many of us strive to do and juicing is a convenient way to get your daily dose of fruits and vegetables.

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Do Your Own Juicing

If you want to get all of the healthy benefits from juicing without having to rely on store bought cold pressed juice then you might want to think about getting a juicer and doing your own juicing. If you are the type who likes to drink a lot of juice then it will save you money in the long run.


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